Drama Theatre removes play about Kastus Kalinouski from repertoire (photo)

The play "Spikes under thy sickle" based on Uladzimir Karatkevich's novel has existed on stage for 4 years, making a full-house every time. However, the play suddenly disappeared from the theatrical bills last season. When the new season started, there appeared information that the play had been removed from repertoire to the archives. Culture activist Ales Mazanik was the first to notice it. He sent an official enquiry to the theatre, and received a reply a couple of days ago. 

"They say there are two basic reasons, - Ales Mazanik says. - The first one is the costumes and the settings being too old. Another one is that it is impossible to involve certain actors. These are lame excuses. Kupala Theatre named exactly the same reasons when removed "Tutejszyja" directed by Pinihin from their repertoire."

In the photo - Ales Mazanik. Photo by Alyaksandr Zhdanovich, cmok.budzma.org

Ales Mazanik has already sent new enquiries. To the theatre, that he would be glad to see the play with the new actors. To the Ministry of Culture, asking to provide finance for renewal of settings and costumes.

Besides, the cancelled the play about Kalinouski right on the 150th anniversary of the heroic rebellion.