Dissent of Penza believers


Not all followers of Pyotr Kuznyatsou share their leader’s point of view. It is known that there may be about 10 Belarusians still staying in the underground cave not far from the village of Pahanauka. ERB found out that there could be much more of them but there had been a dissent between followers of the unacknowledged monk Maxim, as Pyotr Kusnyatsou calls himself in his books. One of the believers, a Baranavichy inhabitant Yadviha Kunash suggested her own way of preparing for the end of the world.

The woman got acquainted with Pyotr’s followers during her pilgrimage to monasteries. She got to know about his books and ideas. Yadviha Kunash’s point of view was similar to Pyotr’s. The woman started expressing her own understanding of the world through his ideas and then started criticizing him. Some people doubted Pyotr’s words after they had talked to her and did not go anywhere. Moreover, the woman predicts his death and a release of the believers from the cave that will take place soon.

Yadviha Kunash welcomed an ERB reporter in her flat in Baranavichy. There are icons all over the walls but you can also find a modern TV-set and a phone there.
Yadvіha Kunash thinks that everyone should wait for the end of the world on their own and pray so that nothing bad would happen.

It is known that Yadviha Kunash exchanges letters with adherents of the idea of the end of the world and that they meet sometimes.

- It can be understood but they shouldn’t have burшув themselves in a holy place, they have spoilt it, -says Kunash.

It was not only Yadviha Kunash who prevented some people from the trip to Penza Region. One more person, a candidate of historic science and religious scientist Alyaksandr Sviryd who studied the problem of Penza recluses in Brest Region also stopped some people from going there.

Studying the problem Alyaksandr Sviryd found out that many believers shared the views of Yadviha Kunash and that he could organize propaganda among them.