Detention of soldier's death suspects not confirmed


Nasha Niva reported the detention of two soldiers from the military unit where soldier Alyaksandr Korzhych had died. The news was announced on October 12. However, the Investigation Committee has not confirmed this information.

“A criminal case has indeed been started in connection with the soldier’s death. We will report all procedural decisions as soon as they are made,” official spokesperson of Minsk Region Investigation Committee Tacciana Belanoh told Euroradio. Detentions and all other important events are considered procedural decisions, she added.

 "A group of investigators are checking all the leads,” Tacciana Belanoh added. “The investigation is being personally monitored by the head of the Investigation Committee of the Republic of Belarus”.

The Ministry of Defense has commented on the tragedy in Pecy today. “If the persons responsible for A.Korzhych’s death are found, they will be punished,” the Ministry has promised.