Detained opposition members beaten in police office

The opposition activists detained in October Square today are being beaten in Minsk Central District Department of the Interior. The website “European Belarus” informs about it. A witness who accidentally happened to be in the police office claims that people are shouting and it can be heard that the detained are being beaten there. He also saw policemen dragging one of the beaten people (probably it was Anatol Laybedzka) along the corridor.

A reporter of “Charter-97” managed to phone the leader of the UCP Anatol Laybedzka soon after the detention and he informed: “I am in the Central District Department of the Interior and about 25 other participants are also here. I was detained and beaten in the square and then pushed into a bus. They continued beating me there. One of the special police troops members approached me from behind and got hold of my neck, the other held my arms and then one more policeman started hitting me on the face. It started bleeding”.
Human rights activists and opposition members have come to support the detained in the Central District Department of the Interior but they are not allowed to enter. It is impossible to contact the detained.