Democrats in Vitsebsk demand right to celebrate Jul 3

Activists of the United Pro-Democracy Forces (UDF) in the Vitsebsk region have appealed to the regional prosecutor's office, demanding to a permit to take part in the festive demonstration on the Independence Day on July 3.  On Saturday June 27, the local authorities made a public announcement about security measures to be taken on the Independence Day. Special permits will be issued to those willing to attend festivity sites. 20000 workers and war veterans only have the right to obtain those pemits.

From 7 a.m. on July 3, the city center will be sealed off. Public transport will not stop at the stages. After the demonstration, mobile check pionts will be moved to show sites.

Alcohol sales will be banned in the radius of 500 meters from the city center. Those carrying glass, sharp objects, big bags or other suspected objects will be denied access to festivity sites. Last year, police denied access to a man how was carrying his flat iron from repairs.