Democrats turn to international structures for help in investigation of cases of disappeared people


The Political Council of the United Democratic Forces has demanded to start an impartial investigation of enforced disappearance of people in Belarus. Let us remind you that 57 states signed an International Convention on Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance this year. It was adopted by the UN General Assembly. However, Belarus ignored it.

The appeal of the Political Council of the UDF says that the inactivity of the current government in investigation of the disappearance of opposition members Yury Zaharanka, Victar Hanchar, Anatol Krasouski and Zmitser Zavadski “discredits the Belarusian people in the eyes of the international community”.

Democrats urged the UN work group on enforced disappearance and other international structures to remind the Belarusian authorities about the necessity to fulfill their commitments in the field of human rights. 

Let us remind you that August 30 is the International Day of the Disappeared.