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Darya Domracheva's brother brutally detained and beaten in Minsk

Detention of Mikita Domrachau / Video screenshot

Mikita Domrachau, the elder brother of famous biathlete and Hero of Belarus Darya Domracheva was detained during the Dignity March on October 11. During the detention Mikita was thrown to the ground, beaten with batons and kicked, again he was beaten and held by his hair. However, according to the man, he did not take part in the protests; he simply rode his bicycle along the Svislach quay.

"I was detained at Zybitskaya street. I was riding my bike along the cycle track," Mikita told Euroradio. "People started running. I stopped. Then, the soldiers ran at us. From behind the corner jumped the rows of other soldiers, wearing black masks and body armor. They threw me on the ground, began to beat mt on the head and body, without explaining anything and without showing IDs".

I was worried about my bike because it is very dear to me. I tried to make it clear that I would not leave without a bicycle. I tried to approach the bicycle to take it away. I was knocked down and they started beating me even harder. I did not participate in the rally. I did not have any symbols. I was riding a bicycle and just got into this mess.

Mikita's detention got on video taken from the window of the business center:

"I was immediately thrown into a bus with "black people" and there were eight of them. I was on the floor, I was still being poked with truncheons, threatened and abused with foul language," Mikita says about what happened next. "Then I was transferred to another paddy wagon with other policemen. They were more polite and provided me with first aid. I continued to bleed and asked for the ambulance, but nobody called for anything. They took me around the city for another hour. The ambulance took me away from the police station because I had severe head wounds. They took me to hospital and left me there. Today I wrote a waiver of hospitalization and went home.
My head was bruised in three places, and doctors stitched three wounds there. Also I was beaten all over the body with batons".

The four-time Olympic champion Darya Domracheva had previously been very careful in her remarks about the situation with violence in the Belarusian streets.