Cubans trapped between Poland and Belarus

Belarusian-Polish border / wikipedia
Belarusian-Polish border / wikipedia

A group of six Cubans have been stuck on the border between Belarus and Poland for eight days. They have no proper clothing or food, and they complain of mistreatment by the border authorities of both countries.

"We have been wandering in this 'no man's land' for eight days now, they won't let us go either way, they have beaten us several times, including the women," local publication OnCuba quoted one of the stranded Cubans as saying.

One of the women trapped in the forest can no longer walk. Her feet are swollen from insect bites, she said.

"But last night the hooded Belarusian guards came and beat us again. When they saw I couldn't get up, they grabbed me by my hair and threw me around like a doll," the reporters quoted from a message the woman sent them before communications were cut off.

The Cubans say they have run out of supplies and have been drinking river water and eating scraps left by other migrants in the woods for days.

The Cubans say they are joined in the forest by a group of twenty people in the same situation. Most of them are citizens of Pakistan, India and Syria. 

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