Coach Mikhail Zaharau: Chyzhouka-Arena is gorgeous, reminds me of… Babruisk


The Belarusian State Broadcasting Company has interviewed Mihail Zaharau, hockey specialist close to the President’s family.

The journalist asked him about the recently opened Chyzhouka-Arena:

“You have been to Europe and played in North America. What other arenas can Chyzhouka-Arena be compared to?”

“To… Babruisk arena,” Mihail Zaharau suddenly said. “Everything was copied. We will see how it goes at the world championship. I think everyone will think that it is excellent. You can even feel hockey atmosphere there. Our designers went to Leningrad and Riga and chose the best ideas there. They used them and that’ is why the arena is so beautiful.”  

Do not think that Mihail Zaharau was joking. He described other world arenas’ problems where Belarusian players had suffered sometimes: there were not enough changing rooms or other hockey appliances. Not like in Belarus.  

“No one could even think that the arena would be so gorgeous,” Mihail Zaharau admires Chyzhouka. “I think it will be considered one of the best in Europe after the hockey championship. Everyone will appreciate it.”  

Chyzhouka-Arena is expected to become Minsk Yunatstva’s home arena after the world hockey championship.