Chinese pushing MAZ out of Russian market

MAZ loses market in Russia /
MAZ loses market in Russia /

The Chinese are pushing Belarusians and even Russians out of the Russian car market. During the sanctions, MAZ has more than halved its deliveries to Russia, writes.

"The dynamics are frightening," said Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mikalai Snapkou at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Previously, the share of Chinese-made trucks on the Russian market was 9.5%, but now it is almost 58%.

The share of MAZ on the Russian market has decreased from 8.9% to 3.5%, and KamAZ - from 38% to 17%.

Snapkou called for measures to protect against Chinese expansion: "There is aggressive expansion on all fronts. They know how to do it. But you all understand that after that the price will go up."

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