Charges dropped against Mikhalkou Sr. and Jr. in 'riot case' - reports


The Invetigations Committee has dropped charges against Mikalai and Jan Mikhalkou in the riot case also known as 'patriots' case', a staff at the Babrujsk-based Patriot Club headed by Mikhalkou Sr. told Radio Svaboda. He said the head of the club announced about it himself.

The father and the son were charged with preparing a riot. They were detained on March 23-24. The son, Jan was released on April 29 and the father on May 18. 

According to Radio Svaboda, Mikalai Mikhalkou currently works again at the Sputnik Club, which is also home to Patriot Club.

However, Nina Shydlouskaya who represents the families of the riot case defendants calls to treat this information with caution. The lawyer is yet to verify this information, she said.