Over 100 artists apply for Belarus' Eurovision 2018 qualification

Photo: Euroradio

The Belarusian State Broadcasting Company has received more than 100 applications for the Eurovision 2018 song contest. And applications are still coming in, Belarus TV employees say. Napoli, Hyunesh, participant of children’s Eurovision Volha Satsyuk and even Uzari who represented Belarus at the contest in 2015 have applied this time among others.

Interestingly, Uzari was muddling waters at first since he was saying that he would participate in the selection tour only if they invited him:

"I will go if they invite me! Otherwise, there is no sense. I have been to Eurovision many times – three times playing different parts. I know what is what. Yet, if they invite me, I will be interested in it. If I participate, I will choose a song in Belarusian. If it overlaps with my schedule, I am not going to neglect everything else because of the contest like I did in 2015.” 

We may hope to hear songs in Belarusian in the selection tour this year since the Belarusian-language performers Shuma and Paulina have also applied. However, most of the songs will be in English. 

Zhannet, Alyaksei Hros, Anzhalika Pushnova, Iyul, Pyotr Yalfimau’s protégé Sofya Lapina from Russia and Ukrainian pop star Alexeyev are also going to participate in the national selection tour.

The Belarusian State Broadcasting Company will have held the audition for the Eurovision 2018 national qualification by 11 January.