BSU: “We have not received any documents about entrance interviews from the Ministry of Education yet”

ERB has found out that the Minister of Education invited entrants to apply for interviews too early. The Minister of Education Alyaksandr Radzkou told BelTA that registration of entrants who have to go through interviews to acquire certain professions started in March on Monday. However, entrance examination commissions do not know about it and do not accept appeals for interviews.

The entrance examination commission of BSU told ERB that they had not received any documents from the Ministry.

Member of the commission: “The Minister must have been giving account to somebody. Not a single higher educational institution has the Regulation and we are not accepting appeals for interviews. The Ministry has not sent us any documents according to which we have to organize our own commissions. There is no regulation. The information about registration that is available on the Internet is not true. We have phoned to all higher educational institutions and none of them has anything like that”.

Let us remind you that, according to the new rules, all entrants willing to study at faculties of journalism, international journalism, state administration, international relations, international law, tariff legislation and a number of others must go though an interview. The entrants will receive recommendation letters allowing or forbidding them to apply to certain faculties after the interview. However, commissions do not know what should be done during such interviews and what should be found out to take a decision whether the entrant can become a journalist or a customs officer.

Member of the commission: “There will be an interview and a few tests. That what we were told in the Ministry. The first question will be: “Why have you chosen the profession?” That is what I think. But we do not know what it will really be like…”

According to Minister Radzkou, the commissions that will conduct interviews will be headed by “heads of higher educational institutions, representatives of faculties, interested institutions, and enterprises recruiting personnel and experts”. The interview will be conducted “as a confidential conversation”.

The entrance examination commission of BSU suggested that ERB should phone on Wednesday. Maybe “the Regulation on interviews for entrants willing to acquire certain professions” will already be prepared by officials from the Ministry of Education. And they will be informed about the way the commissions should be created.