BRUTTO's Sergei Mikhalok presents new song "Homeland" (video)


Sergei Mikhalok posted online his home-made video with the song Homeland performed unplugged as a devotion to his son Makar's birthday anniversary on February 4. In his song, Mikhalok explains his decision to leave Belarus where he has become "an enemy, a villain, a torturer and a crazy man" where white storks peck his "eyes and lips" with their nibs" while wind is pushing him, because he is "ash and dust."

Fans have received well Mikhalok's new song, while his supporters in Ukraine wrote to him: "You are very welcome in Ukraine. We hope that Ukraine will become your second Fartherland."

Recently, Sergei Mikhalok and his producer aproached the authorities in Ukraine, seeking residence and work permit there. The musician explained that Lyapis Trubetskoy's support for the revolution in Maidan outraged the governments in Belarus and Russia who continue to ban his concerts. Therefore, he and his producer decided to apply for a permanent residence in Ukraine, wiithout refusing from Belarus citizenship.

Mikhalok and Azizbekyan are already in Kiev. The rest of Mikhalok's current band Brutto will becoming for rehearsals from Minsk. In 2015, Brutto is reportedly to make two around-Ukraine tours, record a new album and new videos in Ukraine.