BNF members are forbidden to criticize party administration in public


The Party Control Commission headed by Yuras Hadyka will watch words pronounced by party members. Sanctions will be imposed on those who violate the rule and they may be expelled from the party. The BNF party has adopted a document “On party ethics and discipline”. All BNF members are forbidden to criticize decisions and announcements of the party administration in public.

The initiator of the document is the leader of the party Lyavon Barshcheuski. In his interview with ERB he said that the Party Control Commission headed by Yury Hadyka had already been created.

Lyavon Barshcheuskі: “The Party Control Commission will decide whether a person violates the document or not. If the commission decides that the person did violate it and the violation was gross, certain lower or higher departments of the party may impose sanctions on him or her and even exclude the person from the party”.

According to Barshcheuski, such decisions are democratic and they are aimed at improving the party discipline which is needed for the coming elections.

Lyavon Barshcheuskі: “As a party, we are going to present our candidate during both the parliamentary and presidential elections. It requires good organization of our work and consolidation of the party”.

Ales Mihalevich voted contra. He said that the document was ridiculous.

Ales Mіhalevіch: “I think that this document does not correspond to democratic demands. The processes going on in the Belarusian society and in our parties seem very alike to me. Unfortunately, there are many parallels that can be drawn between what is happening with the opposition and with the authorities”.

Mіhalevіch noted that he was not afraid of the document and added that he would criticize the party’s decisions in public if he needed to.

Ales Mіhalevіch: “If I need it and if I think it is necessary – I will do it according to the statute of BNF, and the statute allows it”.

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