:B:N: record a new double single


:B:N: recorded a new single that symbolizes, according to the musicians, the band's movement forward. The songs "Moj Swiet" and "Wiartannie" reflect the band's spirit and mood at the moment.

"The song "Moj Swiet" shows two sides of the person that co-exist and meet each other once in a while, inspiring to do something which would be impossible to do by just one of them," contemplates the band's old lyrics author Syarhei Mashkovich. - In "Wiartannie", we say goodbye to the depression caused by the long distance as we are getting closer to our home, and realize that no country can become a home but the one where our mum, family and friends live."  

Two months ago, :B:N: changed their squad. It is not a surprise then that the musicians started experiments with the sound straightaway. However, no drastic changes should be expected so far, says the band's frontman Ales Lyutych:

"We still have something to look forward to. Moreover, each of us has his own vision of the way our music should sound like. Each of us has his own musical tastes, and still we find compromise when it comes to recording. We all listen to absolutely different music and this is good! The common criterion is the quality of the music. Not just the quality of the record, but the quality of the very material, originality, uniqueness."

The unnamed single is planned to be released in autumn.