Belsat: Minsk businessman fights with picketers near Kurapaty restaurant

Arkadz Izrailevich. Photo: Facebook

Well-known businessman Arkadz Izrailevich took part in a fight near the notorious restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” on August 29, Belsat reports.

The incident occurred last night. “People blocked his way and he attacked them. He attacked Hanna Shaputska who had a camera and then he heavily hit Dzyanis Urbanovich on the leg,” civil activist Natallya Basalyha told journalists.

His leg was swollen and started bleeding, Dzyanis Urbanovich said. The activist is in Msink Region Hospital now. “I have received an injection and I’m waiting for my X-ray now,” the Kurapaty defender said.

By the way, Izrailevich is suing Novy Chas and its reporter Dzyanis Ivashyn in Minsk Soviet District Court today. Ivashyn’s articles about the construction of the restaurant near Kurapaty are the reason for the hearing. Izrailevich has not attended the today’s trial.