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Belarusians participate in Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

“The Young Lions” in Cannes /

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity started in Cannes on June 17. Belarusian advertisers are also taking part in the event. People are still at a loss when they are told about Belarus but it is easy to explain where it is now thanks to the popular series Chernobyl ,Vodnel creative copywriter Raman Herasimau wrote.

Belarusian teams are taking part in The Young Lions Competitions – a competition for young professionals. For instance, the team of getbob agency are making a case for the WWF – Fund for Wild Nature. “You must have had breakfast already. It could be a yoghurt. However, a yoghurt is the reason why trees were cut on a territory the size of a football pitch. Oops!” account director of getbob Vilha Samoilava said. “Our task is creating a PR-strategy to make it so that food production stops being the main reason for cutting trees worldwide. Buy enough food, buy as much as you really need, not as much as you can afford.”

Other teams are working on the task of the organization The Lotus Flower helping Iraqi women rehabilitate after the warfare and political changes. A media decision is needed to tell the whole world about this organization.

The festival will finish on June 21. The most interesting speeches and the latest information about the Grand Prix winners can be found on Twitter.