Belarusians have temperature checks as coronavirus spreads

Public transport passengers in Thailand checked / Reuters

A couple of days ago, there was a huge line at the entrance to the TV center on 9 Makayonka Street. It turned out that on March 26, everyone who entered the building -- both employees and visitors -- had their temperature checked.


The queue at the entrance to Belteleradiocompany / Euroradio

"I came to the TV station and saw people getting their temperature measured at the entrance. With three surface thermometers!" one of the men in line described what was happening."I asked if it was safe to use one thermometer to test a hundred visitors in a row. I was told that if you don't want to go in, don't go".

The press service of Belteleradiocompany told Euroradio that the employees of the local health center used only non-contact thermometers. And we wondered where else in Belarus you would have your temperature checked at the entrance. And, most importantly, how?

The Minsk-based bar Polugar was the first one to accomodate the trend and started doing PR on temperature measurement as early as March 4. Their "Antivirus Initiative" is as follows: a girl dressed like a nurse meets a visitor at the entrance and "shoots" them with a non-contact thermometer. Then she suggests we treat the hands with an antiseptic. All this is done for a relaxed stay, the bar staff explained.

Polugar Bar /

Now the temperature is also measured in other restaurants of the capital, say the Minskers. But for now it is true only for the staff.

For a few weeks now the employees of the Academy of Sciences and some IT-companies have had their temperature checked.

"Last week a friend of mine wanted to get a job in an IT-company in Minsk. At the entrance his temperature was checked -- it was 37 C. He was then sent home for a month-long quarantine," says Yelizaveta from Minsk. 

Leader of the Belarusian Christian Democrats Pavel Seviarynets told about his visit to the Italian embassy in Belarus. Prior to the meeting with the ambassador, the politician had his temperature taken.

Preventive measures in connection with the pandemic COVID-19 were introduced several weeks ago at the Nordin medical center. Each visitor passes through a thermal control at the reception desk. 

Last week there appeared a video where football fans had their temperature checked before the football match Dynamo Brest vs Smolevichi. The video went viral. The fans were denied access at the entrance to the fan sector, if the thermal imaging camera showed a mark above 36.6 C. It would be understandable unless the people noticed how the doctor, checking the throat, touched the faces of fans with the same gloves.

The temperature of the visitors was also monitored in the chain of fitness centers weHouse. 

While the usual life of people in neighboring countries has stopped, the daily life of most Belarusians has not undergone any particular changes. Bars and restaurants are open, there are shopping malls and sporting events. It's good that some organizations have become seriously concerned about the health of their guests and staff and started checking the temperature at the entrance. Even if it's a public stunt.