Belarusian weight-lifters to celebrate gold medal according to “Russian tradition”


Belarusian weight-lifters have won three different Olympic medals. The performance of a Barysau sportsmen Andrei Aramnau was a real sensation: he broke three world records – in the spurt, clean and jerk and in the summary of both tries. ERB phoned the chief manager of our national weight-lifting team in Beijing Alyaksandr Hancharou.
Alyaksandr Hancharou: “In what mood can I be after the performance of our weight-lifter who won a gold medal and set three world records in three disciplines – spurt, clean and jerk and in the summary of both tries? He left them 13 kilos behind! The team’s performance was wonderful! All the people who were expected to win Olympic medals have done it. That is why I can say that the teams’ performance was wonderful! I am very pleased it has happened. I can’t express my joy! I always say “that is why life is worth living!” in such cases.

Alyaksandr Hancharou hopes that the team of weight-lifters will be welcomed like real national heroes and the victory of Aramnau will be celebrated today.

“I think we will celebrate it today, according to a Russian tradition. On the whole, I hope we will be met like national heroes at home. I am sure that the whole country and our fans, friends and relatives are waiting for us impatiently”.