Belarusian road builders sign $30 million contract in Ukraine

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Belarusian road builders have signed a contract in Ukraine for almost UAH 746 million, or $30 million. Homiel Road Construction Trust #2 which is part of the Belavtodor holding has won the tender for the construction of a road section in Rivne region. It will be part of the Northern Bypass of Rivne project.

As Belavtodor-Ukraine informs on its Facebook page, it was one of the largest tenders ever held in Rivne. And for Belarusian enterprises in Ukraine it is the largest contract in the field of road construction.

Companies from Turkey and Azerbaijan also participated in the tender. Belarusians will save almost 80 million hryvnias for the Ukrainian budget, as the total amount of the contract is almost 10% less due to the construction provided in the tender documentation.

Construction is to be completed by the end of 2020.