Belarusian pipe to receive status of historical and cultural value

Musician Yarash Malisheuski with a pipe /
Musician Yarash Malisheuski with a pipe /

The Belarusian piper will be included in the state list of historical and cultural values, reports the press service of the Ministry of Culture.

The proposal was supported by the Scientific-Methodological Council of the Republic of Belarus on historical and cultural heritage.

The Belarusian pipe is a specific type of monophonic bagpipe - a brass folk musical instrument consisting of a leather skin, a pipe (burdon), a whistle (rebellion), and on each of the pipes there are horns.

This musical instrument was used to accompany dances, songs and ditties, at family and calendar celebrations, games and fairs.

Pipes were widespread in the Vitsebsk, Minsk and Hrodna regions: here authentic types of the pipe tradition from the XVI-XVII centuries were found.

Today the tradition of piping in Belarus is supported by 30 pipe masters and about 100 amateurs.


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