Belarusian national team wins important victory


The national hockey team of Belarus has won an important victory and proceeded to the next stage of the World Championship in Moscow. Belarusians won in a decisive match – 5:2. It was a difficult match. After leading with the score 2:0 Belarusians let Austrians to equalize. But due to being in a majority Belarusians managed to start leading again after the break — 4:2.

The result of the match is — 5:2 in favour of Belarusians. Andrei Hlebau, Dzmitry Dudzik, Alyaksei Uharau, Aleh Antonenka and Alyksandr Kulakou scored the goals.

Let us remind you that Aleh Antonenka has scored goals in three matches in a row. He has scored four goals and made one goal pass.