Belarusian Freedom Day marked in Warsaw

Belarusians living in Warsaw as well as Ukrainians and Poles solidarity with them took part in a manifestation and meeting dated for Freedom Day on March 20. They walked from Three Crosses Square to Castle Square singing patriotic songs and shouting out’ Long Live, Belarus!’, ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ and ‘Long Live, Poland!’.

They stopped near the President’s Palace to commemorate ex-President of Poland Lech Kaczyński with a minute’s silence.

“We wish real democratic changes to Belarusians because it is not enough to release political prisoners,” Ex-Mayor of Warsaw, Sejm member Marcin Swiecicki said at the meeting. Representatives of the Ukrainian community, Belarusian House in Warsaw and Jan Malitski, director of the Konstanty Kalinowski Scholarship Program also made speeches at the meeting.