Life after divorcing Belarus security officer

“Живу своей жизнью”: звезда белорусского фитнеса о разводе с силовиком
Liliya Salimgareyeva and Tsimur Hryshko / Facebook/

"Are you out of your mind? It's March 30. This happened in October. How many times can you bother me? When will everyone leave me alone? Is it really that interesting? I have long ago forgotten everything and live my life," says Belarusian bodybuilding champion, fitness trainer Liliya Salimgareyeva. Euroradio asked her how she survived her divorce from internal troops officer Tsimur Hryshko. "When I was feeling bad, no one supported me. The story was noticed because I am an athlete. Why are you writing about me? Write about others. Thousands of other people...".

“Живу своей жизнью”: звезда белорусского фитнеса о разводе с силовиком
Champion Liliya Salimgareyeva / Liliya's Facebook

Tsimur participated in the violent dispersal of protesters at the Stela monument on the night of August 9. He gained notoriety after featuring in a photo with his arms outstretched next to a man from Minsk, Yauhen Zaichkin, who was lying beside a police truck. The guy was put on the list of the dead at the protest, but fortunately, the doctors managed to save him. Later, Tsimur said Yauhen was drunk, but the hospital could not confirm this information. Zaichkin said that he was badly beaten in the truck. According to the doctors, he had a concussion, damage to the cervical spine and several other injuries..

“Живу своей жизнью”: звезда белорусского фитнеса о разводе с силовиком
Tsimur Hryshko and Yauhen Zaichkin on the night of August 10 / Reuters

According to Liliya Salimgareyeva, after Tsimur's personal data appeared online, she began to receive "thousands of messages a day" wishing him dead. She filed for divorce in mid-September, and the marriage was dissolved on October 20.

"It's what society wants, it's what's best for me and for him. It's very hard to bear such harassment," the athlete explained to the "Nasha Niva" newspaper after the trial, adding that if it were not for that situation, they would probably not have divorced. 

Salimgareyeva's Instagram followers reacted to the situation differently: some congratulated the girl on her courageous decision, while others expressed their sympathy, saying that "it is always easier to destroy than to build." 

“Живу своей жизнью”: звезда белорусского фитнеса о разводе с силовиком
Divorce / @lilisalim90

Did the fitness trainer's act stop the flood of negative messages against her? How did the story affect her career [in 2017 Salimgareyeva became the absolute champion of Belarus in bodybuilding in the fitness bikini category, she dreamed of becoming a professional and compete in the United States. - Euroradio]? Have the former spouses tried to rekindle their relationship?

Salimgareyeva wants to answer none of these questions today.