Belarusian commentator released at Frankfurt airport


After 24 hours spent at the international airport in Frankfurt, Valer Karbalevich finally made it to Strasbourg where together with a group of Belarusian journalists he is taking part in meeting with Council of Europe officials, reports Radio Svaboda.

Valer Karbalevich was issued a single-entry visa after interference by officials from the Council of Europe and the German Embassy in Minsk.

“The German police at Frankfurt airporty issed a visa valid till November 8. I bought a ticket from Frankfurt to Strasbourg with my own money. It cost 60 euro. The German police even helped me figure out where to buy a ticket and where to board the plane,” says Valer Karbalevich.

On November 2, Valer Karbalevich was detained by the German police at the airport in Frankfurt for trying to cross the border with a Schengen Slovak visa. He was denied entry and proposed to return to Belarus.

Photo: Radio Svaboda