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Belarus refuses entry to Russian-speaking Ukrainian Nationalists leader


Ukrainian Sergiy Zamiluykhin who was traveling from Kyiv to Homiel on New Year's eve was not allowed into Belarus, reports Belsat.

The leader of Russian-speaking Ukrainian Nationalists was on his way to his wife and daughts at parents-in-law but at the border he learned he was on the "entry blacklist" at the request of Russia. Effective from November 2015, Belarus and Russia have coordinated their "black lists" in order to prevent persona non grata from entering the so called 'Union State.'  

Zamilyukhin: "A senior officer told me after checking his computer that I was not allowed to enter the territory of Russia and Belarus in accordance with a certain document at the request of Russia."

Russian-speaking Ukrainian Nationalists has regional offices in Ukraine's six major cities. It aims to unite Ukraine's patriots regardless of the language they speak.