Belarus to increase 10 times penalties for corruption crimes (video)


On November 4, House of Representatives supported the increase in minimum fines for economic and corruption crimes. They will increase from 30 to 300 base units (from 4.5 million to 45 million rubles), reports the Belarus 1 channel.

ANT adds that the bill would increase the penalties for corruption offenses to five thousand base units - about 750 million rubles. 

Among the innovations - the criminal law on compensation. In case of not severe violation, the criminal case can be closed, but subject to a confession of guilt, reparations, as well as payments of certain amount to the government. The money will go to a fund for victims of crimes. 

The criminal law of Belarus will have a new term -- the pre-trial agreement. Parliamentarians voted today for a similar initiative in the first reading. Pre-trial agreement is a "deal with justice": help for investigators in exchange for mitigated punishment. To reduce the term, the offender will have to fulfill a number of conditions: admit guilt, pay damages, help the investigation and provide information not only about their own crimes. Persons sentenced to death cannot count on the possibility of pre-trial agreement, reported channel Belarus 1

Photo - Fotolia