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Belarus to host blockchain forum


Guru Blockchain Forum - a first ever international event in Belarus on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies will begin at 1100 on 26 May at Beijing Hotel Minsk.

The forum will gather world's leading specialists, developers, practicioners for one day in the Belarus capital to discuss application of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in business.

The forum seeks to build a technology of income-generation from cryptocurrencies. How to create step-by-step a program of your own financial independence? Is it possible to obtain a new source of income and earn 'automatically'? How to avoid mistakes and hidden dangers? These are the questions that the leading specialists in this field are expected to provide answers.

The list of speakers includes Andrei Lavshin, a gamification guru and one of the few Russian-speaking Octalysis trainees; Roberto Orlando Becaria, a blockchain specialist and AI-based bot creator, a co-developer of the AltynCoin payment system and cryptocurrency; Denis Lavnikevich, a media expert who created Belarus' first cryptocurrency Taler; Yaroslav Romanchuk, president of the Minsk-based Mises Center thinktank and a co-author of the Anticrises Platform for the United Pro-Democracy Forces; Sergei Chaly, economic commentator and associated expert at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS).

Venue: Krasnoarmejskaja 36, Beijing Hotel Minsk.

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