Belarus cannot recommence export of oil

Belarus is not able to recommence the export of its oil that was stopped at the beginning of 2007 in connection with changes of delivery conditions and lack of raw stuff at refineries. The Belarusian government demanded that “Belnaftahim” should change the situation in May. But the issue of access to the pipeline system has not been solved yet.

According to a source in the Belarusian government, quoted by the agency PRIME-TASS, a Russian company “Transneft” drew up its schedule of oil transportation not taking Belarusian oil into account. Now it is very hard for Belarus to get access to the pipeline system.

Let us remind you that Belarus exported about 673 tons of oil from January to May. The biggest part of it was transported with the help of pipe-lines. The Belarusian state oil monopolist “Belarusnafta” is planning to export 1.3 million tons of oil in 2007 but no oil has been exported during the first five months of the year.