Belarus authorities ready to make three steps towards Brussels


The so called unofficial strategy of the European Union towards Belarus with 12 recommendations was orally shortened to five conditions. Minsk has responded with its own unofficial strategy. In a letter, the authorities in Minsk clarified three oral pledges, making another step forward. A two-page letter was sent to the European structures on November 19.
Minsk confirmed its readiness to discuss with the OSCE ODIHR in detail the recommendations to improve the electoral laws in Belarus.

Besides, independent newspapers Narodnaya Volya and Nasha Niva will be allowed to be printed on the territory of Belarus and will be distributed through the state-run subscription and newsstand networks.

Finally, a roundtable meeting will be held jointly by the Ministry of Information and the OSCE on November 24 in Minsk to discuss a legal framework for the operation of the web-based media in Belarus. The results of this seminar "will be taken into account when introducing further improvments to the law", the letter from Minsk said.

The document also notes that "in the near future, Belarus will make additional steps towards the expectations of European partners", reports Belapan.