Banks sharply reduce currency purchase rates

Belarusians, who want in the near future to sell currency, need to choose the exchange office very carefully. On the eve of New Year holidays, on December 30, banks sharply reduced the rate of cash currency purchase from the population, reports the portal

If on December 29, some banks were willing to pay 14,000 rubles for the dollar, on the morning of the 30 it was already up to 13,890 rubles. It was Belarusbank that bought dolllars at such a rate. Belagroprombank bought "bucks" for 13,805 rubles. Before lunchtime on December 30, the situation changed: the most popular purchase rate was 13,720 rubles. It is this much that Priorbank, Alfa-Bank, MTB, BGB, VTB Bank, RRB Bank, Belagroprombank, as well as Belarusbank paid for a dollar.

Idea Bank had a slightly ihgher rate of purchase - 13,750 rubles per dollar. BelVEB Bank buys dollars at 13,650 rubles. Moscow-Minsk offered the rate of 13,000 rubles.

The most unfavorable rate of purchase in the afternoon on December 30 was offered by exchange offices of Absolutbank and the Belarusian National Bank. There people could sell one dollar for only 12,700 rubles and 12,500 respectively.

Photo: Reuters