Opposition launches 'Astraviec March' campaign

Organizers of Chernobyl March 2018. Photo: Euroradio

The campaign Astraviec March has been launched in Belarus, representatives of several opposition parties and civil society organizations and members of the organized committee of Chernobyl March 2018 announced at a press conference in Minsk.

This year’s Chernobyl March rally will be the beginning of this campaign, Pavel Sevyarynets said. Round-table discussions, signature collection and pickets will be organized in the next several months. Actions will be held in the cities situated ‘between Astraviec and Minsk’ and also in Belaazyorsk and Novalukoml since they ‘may disappear’ because of the NPP.

The campaign Astraviec March will be conducted by ‘the united pro-democracy forces,’ Sevyarynets stressed.