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Art objects to promote Belarusian language in Minsk

Photo: Nasha Niva

Open spaces in Minsk will increasingly feature art objects dedicated to the Belarusian language. One of the installations - the "White Bird" - designed by artist and sculptor Valery Malahau was installed in Peramozcau Avenue on December 31, Nasha Niva reports.

The installation is part of the special social and cultural project “Grandeur of the mother tongue” launched by the National Modern Art Centre under the aegis of the Belarusian Ministry of Culture and Minsk City Executive Committee.

The project “Grandeur of the mother tongue” aims to popularize the Belarusian language, increase its presence in the city life and express the meaning of Belarusian words with the help of art objects. Such words as Love, Sky, Mother, Precept and Language will be used. The project has a unique combination of educational and art functions. The symbols of the mother tongue will be presented with the help of artistic means.

The art objects in the form of sculptural composition or street furniture will be installed in different places around the capital city.