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Art Manor collects money for convicted graffitists


Art Manor has started collecting money to help the graffitists fined for the inscriptions ‘Belarus must be Belarusian’ and ‘Revolution of Consciousness has already begun’ pay the fines.

The young people were fined in Minsk on January 29. Vadzim Zharomski has to pay Br10.5 million (50 base amounts), Maksim Pyakarski – 8.4 millions (40 base amounts) and Vyachaslau Kasinerau – Br6.3 million (30 base amounts).


Furthermore, activists who came to support the graffitists in court and journalist Pavel Dabravolski were beaten and fined there. Maksim Shytsikau and Pavel Dabravolski were fined for Br9.45 million (45 base amounts) and Pavel Syarhei – for 10.5 million roubles (50 base amounts).

The graffitists have asked Art Manor to help them collect money to pay the fines. People can help the young men in several ways:


1. Buy a T-shirt with the inscription ‘Belarus must be Belarusian’ for 300 thousand roubles. The money will be spent on the fines.


2. Donate money using the variants suggested on the website of Art Manor.

The graffitists have to pay the fines within a month. They have promised to make a public report about the money collected during the action.