Andrei Tur: There will be no changes in decree #760. It is out of the question and you should not hope for it


The government is going to reconsider the taxing and customs problems of private unitary enterprises. The head of the business department of Minsk City Executive Committee Alyaksandr Kalinouski suddenly claimed that the government was preparing decisions to change the life of entrepreneurs for the better during the yesterday’s strike of private entrepreneurs.
ERB has found out that the Prime Minister Syarhei Sidorksi is personally dealing with entrepreneurs’ problems now. However, the deputy Minister of Economy Andrei Tur has dispelled all hopes about the notorious decree #760 in his interview with ERB. The decree is inviolable!

Andrei Tur: “There will be no changes in decree #760. It is out of the question and you should not hope for it. People should stop spreading rumours”.

The deputy Minister noted that some changes were going to be added to the legislation concerning small-scale business:

Andrei Tur: “For example, the 8th decree on registration is out. We are discussing the procedure of customs registration with the Customs Committee now. What should be done to give equal rights to PUEs and private entrepreneurs in customs registration starting from January 1? It is necessary to reconsider the taxation of PUEs selling certain goods. We will discuss these issues”.

Meanwhile, an entrepreneur Katsyaryna Chyzhyk has been waiting for the President’s reply for two months. The head of the Council of small-scale business and trade Katsyaryna Chyzhyk wrote a letter to the President’s Administration asking for a meeting with Lukashenka on November 16.

ERB made a phone call to the President’s Administration. It turned out they had already decided on the terms of their answer:

- Could you please tell me when I will get a reply to the letter I sent to the administration?

- In a month.

The entrepreneur has not lost her hope for getting a reply:

Katsyaryna Chyzhyk: “Of course I am waiting. I know that it has been registered and that is has not disappeared anywhere.  So I am waiting for my turn. They promised to inform me about it. But they haven’t done it yet. I think I have to wait a bit more. It is the President, he must have a lot of problems”.

Meanwhile, very little time is left till the New Year when decree #760 comes into power.