Anastasiya Tsihanovich: Filing date of applications for “Eurofest” is put off


The filing date of applications for a national musical project “Eurofest” will be November 25. It was planned to happen five days earlier.
The executive producer of the project Anastasiya Tsihanovich says that the organizers have decided to meet singers half-way: 

"We have decided to continue accepting applications till November 25. Many people asked us for it as they were not going to make it in time; they needed more time to work on their songs. So we have taken the decision to allow everyone to send applications in time”.

However, the organizers have not announced the number of applications they have received. They had hoped that the majority of the would arrive in the first half of November but it seems that their hopes have not been justified. Anastasiya Tsihanovich said that Pyotr Yalfimau was among the applicants. According to her, Volha Plotnikava and “Topless” are also getting ready for the contest.