Ales Charkashyn to be buried in Brest on September 1

Ales Charkashyn, a volunteers’ chaplain killed in Ukraine, will be buried in Brest on September 1. Charkashyn’s body will be delivered there late in the evening on August 31, Radio Liberty refers to BCD member Zmitser Shurhai.

Brest activists are looking for a place to bury Alyaksei Charkashyn and are contacting his mother.

A funeral service for Charkashyn will be held in Ukraine on Monday. The Belarusian consulate has been asked to help transport the body to Belarus.

Ales Charkashyn had been wounded in battle near Belokamenka in Donets Basin and died in coma in Zaporozhye hospital several weeks afterwards. His call sign in the tactical group Belarus in the Voluntary Ukrainian Corps of the Right Sector was ‘Friend Taras’.