Aleksiyevich: Lukashenka looks less of dictator than Putin


“We will preserve our sovereignty for the time being”, Svyatlana Aleksiyevich thinks. However, this independence will be ‘weak’. It is clear why the authorities ‘are silent’ in this situation, Aleksiyevich said.

 "I am very happy about the current increase of interest in the Belarusian language, a lot for people are subscribing to courses,” Radio Liberty quotes Svyatlana Aleksiyevich. “It is a form of resistance now. You can’t take a rifle and go to the forest, can you? You have to drive people really mad, like in Ukraine, to make them do so. God forbid. I like a slow revolution better, it is better than any other revolution. No revolution has brought positive results so far. I like the development of life.”

‘Lukashenka seems less of a dictator than Putin’ because of the events in Russia and the things Russia is doing in Ukraine now, the writer noted.