Alcohol drinkers to be barred from mass events

The Belarusian police are determined to introduce stricter rules for mass events following a bomb explosion during a concert in Minsk earlier this month.

In an interview published by the interior ministry’s newspaper Na Strazhe, Ihar Hatalski, a deputy departmental chief at the Public Security Police, says that visibly intoxicated people and people carrying liquor and beer will be barred from mass events.

The police will install turnstiles and use metal detectors to prevent people from bringing explosive devices and weapons to such events, according to the official.

Portable metal detectors and video surveillance systems are to be used by police officers throughout the event.

The police official has urged people attending mass events to stay watchful. “The vigilance of our country’s residents will allow the police to ensure security during any mass event, whatever its scale, and foil any criminal design,” the paper quotes him as saying.