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Activists fined for demanding Supreme Court head’s resignation


Activists of the civil initiative “Against lawlessness in courts and Public Prosecutor’s Office” have been fined for the picket directed against Supreme Court head Valyantsin Sukala. Rights defender Tamara Syarhei has been fined for 690 rubles (30 base amounts) and activist Lyubou Sankevich – for 1150 roubles (50 base amounts), Radio Liberty reports. The hearings were held in Minsk Central District Court.

The picket was organized in Freedom Square in Minsk on August 16. Its participants demanded Sukala’s resignation because they considered him to be responsible for ‘lawlessness in Belarusian courts’.

The police did not interfere but made records later. The records were made with numerous violations, Tamara Syarhei says. They judge should have sent them back for rework. In particular, nobody asked the activists to explain their actions.

One more member of the initiative group – Valyantsina Kavalenka – will stand trial in Minsk Central District Court on September 13.