Activists detained in Vitsebsk, son of Krystsina Shatsikava is beaten

People got detained near the building of the Pershamaiski District Court of Vitsebsk today. A hearing of the case of a human rights defender Valery Shukin has started there today. About a dozen policemen are guarding the entrance to the building. Our reporter Yadviha Stasheuskaya witnessed the events. “About 5 or 10 people got detained. Policemen hit the 9-year-old son of Krystsina Shatsikava with his head against a bus. He was trying to protect his mother. An ambulance was called for the boy”.

According to our reporter, policemen attacked several people who were standing silently with portraits of Shchukin. Krystsina Shatsikava and Volha Karach were among the activists. The women were pushed into a minibus. Policemen also grabbed the young people who were trying to protect the women.

Let us remind you that Valery Shchukin is accused of insulting members of the local election commission and of one of Vitsebsk Regional commissions. He was distributing leaflets containing information about law violations performed by those people. Shchukin is threatened with a fine, 2 years of correctional work or 2 years of imprisonment.