A.Chubryk: “Belarus may benefit from paying for gas in Russian roubles”


“Kommersant” claims that Belarus hasst its financial independence. Belarusian economists think that the Russian dream is far fro coming true.
Let us remind you that the Belarusian government agreed to pay for Russian oil and gas in Russian roubles on November 13. The Belarusian Minister of Finance Andrei Harkavets and the Russian Minister of Finance Alyaksei Kudryn reached the agreement.

A Russian newspaper “Komemrsant” was out with the editorial “Belarus hasst financial independence” the following day. The articles claimed that there would be Russian roubles in the financial reserves of Belarus and that our economy had become totally dependent on the economy of Russia. It was also stated that Belarusian roubles would be replaced with Russian roubles in our country soon. 

However, sources in the Belarusian Minsitry of Economy assured ERB that there was no reason for making such conclusions. Single currency is out of the question.

An economist Alyaksandr Chubryk explained to ERB why the decision to pay for gas and oil was not dangerous.

Alyaksandr Chubryk: “This is not a step towards single currency. Governments could simply agree to pay for energy carrier in euro, Kuwaiti dinars or any other currency”.

Furthermore, the economist thinks that Belarus may benefit from paying for gas in Russian roubles.

“It may be beneficial for us in certain circumstances, - continues Alyaksandr Chubryk. – We will greatly benefit from it if devaluation is performed in Russia. We will not spend extra money either if we set prices in euro or dollars”.

In Alyaksandr Chubryk’s opinion, the article in “Kommersant” is a dream of some Russians who would like to gain power over the Belarusian economy. However, the intentions are not likely to be realized now.