98 percent of Belarus construction cranes expired

Belarus is to face the lack of tower construction cranes, as the service life of 98 percent of cranes has expired, said Viktar Barouski, the chief of department for safety in the industry and nuclear energy sector.

Replacement or overhauls are very slow, he said. Out of 2000 inspected cranes, 540 were found unserviceable last year.

Last October a construction crane fell down on the new building of the International Relations faculty of the Belarus State University near the Central Railway terminal.

Tower cranes are manufactured in Magiljou. Last year 2 cranes were put into service. 5 more are still being produced. A total of 60 cranes are to be manufactured this year. The long-term target is 100 cranes annually, according to REGNUM agency.

Photo by photo.bymedia.net