700 believers from Rechytsa ask Lukashenka not to deport Polish Roman Catholic priest


700 believers from Rechytsa have signed a letter to Alyaksandr Lukashenka containing their appeal not to deport a Polish Catholic priest Gzhegazh Hudak from Belarus. The priest drew the authorities’ attention after having made statements about the moral state of the Belarusian society.
Hudak has been working in Belarus for 14 years. In his interview given in May he mentioned that he saw “moral and religious emptiness. It was not even pagandom, it was anti-Christianity – sadness, dullness and despair. Alcohol and sex as a way out were a very common case that the society considered as a norm” when he arrived in Belarus.

Belarusian officials thought that the words of the Polish Roman Catholic priest could spoil the reputation of our country but cardinal Kazimir Svyontak and local believers tried to protect the priest. The ban on working in Belarus imposed on him has been cancelled for two months. The final decision will be taken by the president’s Administration.