531 centenarians live in Belarus

У Беларусі 531 асоба жыве болей за сто гадоў

There are 531 centenarians in Belarus now, BELTA refers to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. 464 of them are women and 67 are men.

As of January 1, there are 5 Belarusians aged 110 and older. Two of them are over 115 years old. They live in Hrodna and Minsk Provinces.

Hrodna Province is leading in the number of long-livers. As of January 1, there were 106 centenarians in this province.  Minsk Province is in the second place (94), and Minsk is in the third position (74). There are 70 long-livers in Brest Province, 69 – in Homel province, 65 – in Vitsebsk Province and 53 – in Mahilyou Province.