30% foreign currency purchase fee in force until February 1, 2015?


Starting from December 20, banks will charge a 30% currency sale fee. This measure will probably last until February 1, 2015 - a date given to tut.by in one of the commercial banks.

This fee will not be marked on the bank scoreboard, it will get a separate line in the receipt. Banks are advised to have their rate differ from the official rate of the National Bank by not more than 2%.

Incidentally, the 30% fee will be collected from the card ruble accounts, if the owner wants to withdraw dollars. This measure will apply even if the owner uses the ruble card abroad. If it is a foreign currency account, the fee will not be paid.

But the purchase of goods with ruble cards in foreign online stores will be considered a purchase of currency. Accordingly, a charge of 30% will be added.

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