25-year-old officer shot himself in Luninets region


The tragic incident occurred at 9:05 on Sunday, November 2. The senior lieutenant went on duty in one of the military units based near Luninets. Soon, he shot himself with a pistol. 

As the site media-polesye.by reports, the young man is a native of Babruisk. He found himself assigned to Luninetsk region. The officer did not have a family of his own. 

Investigation Committee is conducting investigation to ascertain the reasons which prompted the soldier to commit suicide. 

Portal tut.by adds that the incident occurred in a military unit 65408, in the territory of a radio centre. The senior lieutenant took out a gun, put it to his head and fired. The wounded was taken to the intensive care unit of the local hospital, where he died. The deceased was 25 years old. 

Photo - Fotolia