18:23 Journalist appeals court’s decision about fining him for “illegal activities” for the sake of foreign mass media


A reporter from an independent agency BelaPAN Anatol Hatouchyts has appealed the court’s decision about fining him for 2.5 base amounts (62 thousand BRB) for “activities for the sake of foreign mass media”.
In his complaint the journalist claims that the Administrative code “did not contain any articles according to which he could be punished for not obeying orders from an official warning” at the moment of the so-called violation.

Secondly, he did not violate the Regulation on the work of foreign journalists in Belarus because he always worked as a representative of BelaPAN.

The BAJ Monitoring Service noted that even if the journalist had sent materials to the Belarusian affiliate of Radio “Liberty” it could not have been considered a violation.

According to Belarusian laws (art.3 of the Law “On Press”) any citizen has the right to collect and distribute information and to prepare materials even for foreign mass media and to express their thoughts and ideas. This rule is mentioned in art.19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ratified by Belarus.

The hearing of the case is to take place on April 27 in Homel Region Court.