16:39 Rynkevich is not allowed to represent Aliaksandar Kazulin

A lawyer Ihar Rynkevich is not allowed to represent the former presidential candidate Aliaksandar Kazulin in his relations with legal entities and physical bodies. It became known on February 16 during the lawyer’s meeting with Kazulin in the labour settlement "Vitsba-3".

Rynkevich says he was given the necessary letter of attorney in Zhodzina settlement. But on February 16 the administration of the settlement informed Rynkevich that such a letter “violated the law and contradicted the interests of the state".

The lawyer sent a written appeal to the head of the settlement asking to give him a reason for the refusal to give out a letter of attorney.

Rynkevich also added that Kazulin felt better, but noted that doctors had prolonged the term of his rehabilitation after the hunger strike till March 1, which meant being free from work and a special diet.